Prethermalization and universal dynamics in near-integrable quantum systems

  title={Prethermalization and universal dynamics in near-integrable quantum systems},
  author={Tim Langen and Thomas Gasenzer and J{\"o}rg Schmiedmayer},
  journal={Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment},
We review the recent progress in the understanding of the relaxation of isolated near-integrable quantum many-body systems. Focusing on prethermalization and universal dynamics following a quench, we describe the experiments with ultracold atomic gases that illustrate these phenomena and summarize the essential theoretical concepts employed to interpret them. Our discussion highlights the key topics that link the different approaches to this interdisciplinary field, including the generalized… 
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A diagrammatic approach is outlined which complements the study of the previous quasistationary state and provides the basis for a self-consistent solution of the kinetic equation and suggests that both the temporal decay towards the prethermal state and the crossover to the eventual thermal one may occur algebraically.
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