Preteen girls, magazines, and the negotiation of young sexual femininity

  title={Preteen girls, magazines, and the negotiation of young sexual femininity},
  author={Tiina Vares and Sue Jackson},
  journal={Gender and Education},
  pages={700 - 713}
The focus on, and concern about, young girls and preteens or ‘tweens’ relates to the ‘sexualisation’ of girlhood and the notion that girls are ‘growing up too fast’ and becoming ‘too sexy too soon’. In both popular and academic accounts, ‘tween’ magazines and the increasingly ‘sexualised’ images in teen magazines have been framed as significant contributors to this process. Yet, research on the ways in which preteen girls read these magazines has been notably absent. In this paper, we examine… 
Popular girls aren’t into reading: reading as a site for working-class girls’ gender and class identity work
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“It often rests on the shoulders of a passionate individual”: Exploring the discursive constructions of gender and sexuality within education settings in Aotearoa New Zealand.
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Magazines' Construction of Life Markers
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