Presynaptic modulation of GABA release in the basal ganglia.

  title={Presynaptic modulation of GABA release in the basal ganglia.},
  author={Ulrich Misgeld and Geoffrey M Drew and Yevgenij Yanovsky},
  journal={Progress in brain research},
Presynaptic receptors provide plasticity to GABAergic synapses in the basal ganglia network, in which GABA neurons outnumber all other neurons. Presynaptic receptors, mostly of the metabotropic type, enhance or reduce the strength of synaptic inhibition and are activated by ligands being released from the GABA terminals themselves (autoreceptors) or by ligands coming from other sources (heteroreceptors), including the target neurons innervated by the GABA terminals. The latter mechanism, termed… CONTINUE READING


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