Presynaptic (Type III) cells in mouse taste buds sense sour (acid) taste.

  title={Presynaptic (Type III) cells in mouse taste buds sense sour (acid) taste.},
  author={Y Anthony Huang and Yutaka Maruyama and Robert Stimac and Stephen D Roper},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={586 12},
Taste buds contain two types of cells that directly participate in taste transduction - receptor (Type II) cells and presynaptic (Type III) cells. Receptor cells respond to sweet, bitter and umami taste stimulation but until recently the identity of cells that respond directly to sour (acid) tastants has only been inferred from recordings in situ, from behavioural studies, and from immunostaining for putative sour transduction molecules. Using calcium imaging on single isolated taste cells and… CONTINUE READING

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