Prestressed concrete bridges : design and construction

  title={Prestressed concrete bridges : design and construction},
  author={Nigel R. Hewson},
* Prestressed concrete in bridge works * Prestressing components and equipment * Durability and detailing * Grouting post-tensioned tendons * Prestress design * Design of details * Concept design of prestressed concrete bridges * Analysis of prestressed concrete bridges * Slab bridges * Beams-and-slab bridges * In-situ multi-cell box girder deck * In-situ single-cell box girder bridges * Precast segmental box girder * Precast full-length box girders * Launched box girder bridges * Cable-stayed… Expand
Corrosion of prestress and post-tension reinforced-concrete bridges
Prestressed concrete is a viable building system for bridges, offering engineers and owners flexibility in bridge design and public use. Despite its advantages and general good use, documentedExpand
Optimum design of concrete cable-stayed bridges with prestressed decks
ABSTRACT This article presents an optimization-based numerical method for the design of concrete cable-stayed bridges with prestressed decks. This method includes a structural analysis module and aExpand
Deflection monitoring of cast in-situ balanced cantilever prestressed concrete box girder bridge
Monitoring of deflection in the construction of a long span segmental balanced cantilever prestressed concrete box girder bridge is very important because bridge deflection will affect the finalExpand
Failure analysis of tendon breakout on bottom slab of a pre-stressed concrete box gird bridge during construction
Abstract There were several tendons breakout on bottom slabs happening during construction stage of continuous pre-stressed concrete bridges in recent years in China. The paper studies one case basedExpand
Identification of prestress force in prestressed concrete box girder bridges using vibration based techniques
This research was aimed to develop a new vibration based non-destructive method to identify the effective prestress force in prestressed concrete box girder bridges. The research study includedExpand
Three-dimensional reinforcement design method and program realization for prestressed concrete box-girder bridges based on a specific spatial lattice grid model
The model, which finely differentiates the stress sources of the members and especially emphasizes the in-plane stresses of the top and bottom plates, facilitates the establishment of a stress-based reinforcement method to completely consider the three-dimensional effects of prestressed concrete box-girds and provide the necessary information associated with current bridge codes. Expand
Hodder Avenue Underpass: An Innovative Bridge Solution with Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concrete
The Hodder Avenue underpass – recipient of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)’s Harry H. Edwards Industry Advancement Award – is a new highway bridge near Thunder Bay, Canada thatExpand
The aim of this study is to select the suitable shape of girder cross section that is used in the design of bridges structure, and to evaluate the effect of cross section shape of bridges girders onExpand
Bridge Falsework in Staged Construction of a Prestressed Concrete Beam Bridge
The formwork and falsework in the construction of twin ribbed slab decks on a multi-span ecological bridge for a dual carriageway are presented. The bridge is situated in a valley plain which isExpand
Time-dependent analyses of segmentally constructed balanced cantilever bridges
Segmentally constructed concrete cantilever bridges often exhibit larger deflections than those predicted by the design calculations. The slender and long spans in combination with the fact thatExpand