Prestin-prestin and prestin-GLUT5 interactions in HEK293T cells.

  title={Prestin-prestin and prestin-GLUT5 interactions in HEK293T cells.},
  author={Xudong Wu and Benjamin Currall and Tetsuji Yamashita and Lisan L Parker and Richard Hallworth and Jian Zuo},
  journal={Developmental neurobiology},
  volume={67 4},
The remarkable hearing sensitivity and frequency selectivity in mammals is attributed to cochlear amplifier in the outer hair cells (OHCs). Prestin, a membrane protein in the lateral wall of OHC plasma membrane, is required for OHC electromotility and cochlear amplifier. In addition, GLUT5, a fructose transporter, is reported to be abundant in the plasma membrane of the OHC lateral wall and has been originally proposed as the OHC motor protein. Here we provide evidence of interactions between… CONTINUE READING