Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and a laminate

  title={Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and a laminate},
  author={翔 宝田 and 水谷 昌紀 and 昌紀 水谷 and 山本 真也 and 真也 山本},
A pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 1 having an adhesive layer 11 which is affixed to a plastic plate and the step, the adhesive layer 11, having a reactive functional group and (meth) acrylic acid ester polymer (A), crosslinking agent (B ), a macromonomer (C), the pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet 1 comprising a photopolymerization initiator (D) and obtained by crosslinking an adhesive composition containing a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Adhesive layer 11 of the adhesive sheet 1 is excellent… CONTINUE READING