Pressure injection of calcium both excites and adapts Limulus ventral photoreceptors

  title={Pressure injection of calcium both excites and adapts Limulus ventral photoreceptors},
  author={Robert Payne and D. Wesley Corson and A. Fein},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={107 - 126}
Single pressure injections of 1-2 mM calcium aspartate into the light-sensitive region of Limulus ventral photoreceptors resulted in a rapid, 20-40-mV depolarization lasting approximately 2 s. The depolarization closely followed the rise in intracellular free calcium caused by the injection, as indicated by aequorin luminescence. The depolarization was followed by reversible desensitization (adaptation) of responses to both light and inositol 1,4,5 trisphosphate. Similar single injections of… CONTINUE READING


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Intracellula r calcium modulates the sensitivity and timescale in Limulus ventral photoreceptors

  • III . Journal ofPhysiology
  • 1975

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