Pressure-induced metathesis reaction to sequester Cs.


We report here a pressure-driven metathesis reaction where Ag-exchanged natrolite (Ag16Al16Si24O80·16H2O, Ag-NAT) is pressurized in an aqueous CsI solution, resulting in the exchange of Ag(+) by Cs(+) in the natrolite framework forming Cs16Al16Si24O80·16H2O (Cs-NAT-I) and, above 0.5 GPa, its high-pressure polymorph (Cs-NAT-II). During the initial cation… (More)
DOI: 10.1021/es504659z


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@article{Im2015PressureinducedMR, title={Pressure-induced metathesis reaction to sequester Cs.}, author={Junhyuck Im and Donghoon Seoung and Seung Yeop Lee and Douglas A. Blom and Thomas Vogt and Chi-chang Kao and Yongjae Lee}, journal={Environmental science & technology}, year={2015}, volume={49 1}, pages={513-9} }