Pressure-induced enhancement of tc above 150 k in hg-1223.

  title={Pressure-induced enhancement of tc above 150 k in hg-1223.},
  author={Manuel N{\'u}{\~n}ez-Regueiro and J. L. Tholence and Evgeny V. Antipov and J. J. Capponi and M. Marezio},
  volume={262 5130},
The recently discovered homologous series HgBa(2)Can-1 Cun O2n+2+delta possesses remarkable properties. A superconducting transition temperature, T(c), as high as 133 kelvin has been measured in a multiphase Hg-Ba-Ca-Cu-O sample and found to be attributable to the Hg-1223 compound. Temperature-dependent electrical resistivity measurements under pressure on… CONTINUE READING