Pressure effects on resolution in ion mobility spectrometry.


This paper explains the effect of pressure on separation factor, resolving power (defined based on a single peak), and resolution (defined based on two adjacent peaks) in ion mobility spectrometry. IMS spectra were recorded at various pressures ranging from 39 hPa (29Torr) up to atmospheric pressure and various ion gates ranging from 50 to 225 micros. The results show that the IMS peaks shift perfectly linear with pressure so that separation factors remain unaffected by pressure. However, pressure has strong influence on resolving power and resolution. Reducing pressure at constant pulse width decreases the resolving power and resolution. On the other hand, the decrease in resolution can be compensated by shortening the ion pulse width since reducing pressure results in a higher ion current.

DOI: 10.1016/j.talanta.2005.09.016

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@article{Tabrizchi2006PressureEO, title={Pressure effects on resolution in ion mobility spectrometry.}, author={Mahmoud Tabrizchi and Fereshteh Rouholahnejad}, journal={Talanta}, year={2006}, volume={69 1}, pages={87-90} }