Pressure-driven quantum criticality in iron-selenide superconductors.

  title={Pressure-driven quantum criticality in iron-selenide superconductors.},
  author={Jing Guo and Xiao-Jia Chen and Jianhui Dai and Chao Zhang and Jian-gang Guo and Xiaolong Chen and Qi Wu and Dachun Gu and Peiwen Gao and Lihong Yang and Ke Yang and Xi Dai and Ho-kwang Mao and Liling Sun and Zhongxian Zhao},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={108 19},

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The breakdown of both strange metal and superconducting states at a pressure-induced quantum critical point in iron-pnictide superconductors

The strange metal (SM) state, characterized by a linear-in-temperature resistivity, is often seen in the normal state of high temperature superconductors. For a superconducting system tuned by a

Emergence of superconductivity at 45 K by lanthanum and phosphorus co-doping of CaFe2As2

Co-doping of lanthanum and phosphorus in CaFe2As2 induces superconductivity at 45”K, which is higher than the 38 K transition in Ba1−xKxFe2 as well as the maximum found thus far among the 122 phases.

Emergence of double-dome superconductivity in ammoniated metal-doped FeSe

The observation of a double-domesuperconducting phase may provide a hint for pursuing the superconducting coupling-mechanism of ammoniated/non-ammoniated metal-doped FeSe.

Origin of Pressure-induced Superconducting Phase in KxFe2−ySe2 studied by Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy

The results here show the pronounced increase of the density of states near the Fermi surface under pressure with a structural phase transition, which can help address the fundamental understanding for the appearance of the SC II phase.

Crystal structure and phase diagrams of iron-based superconductors

Since the discovery of high-temperature superconductivity (HTS) in iron-based compounds, a variety of systems with different spacer layers have been fabricated. Concurrently, considerable

Robust antiferromagnetism preventing superconductivity in pressurized (Ba0.61K0.39)Mn2Bi2

Results suggest that the robust AFM order essentially prevents the emergence of superconductivity in the pressurized Ba0.61K0.39Mn2Bi2.

Highly Robust Reentrant Superconductivity in CsV3Sb5 under Pressure

Here we present the superconducting property and structural stability of kagome CsV3Sb5 under in-situ high pressures. For the initial SC-I phase, its Tc is quickly enhanced from 3.5 K to 7.6 K and

Quantum conductance-temperature phase diagram of granular superconductor KxFe2−ySe2

This granular scenario explains satisfactorily the evolution of normal-state and superconducting properties of Fe-based chalcogenide KxFe2−ySe2 when any of x, y, p, or heat treatment is varied.

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97, 094505 (2018) Pressure dependence of superconductivity in low- and high-Tc phases of (NH3) yNaxFeSe

Takahiro Terao,1 Xiaofan Yang,1 Xiao Miao,1 Lu Zheng,1 Hidenori Goto,1 Takafumi Miyazaki,2 Hitoshi Yamaoka,3 Hirofumi Ishii,4 Yen-Fa Liao,4 and Yoshihiro Kubozono1,* 1Research Institute for

Pressure-induced enhancement of the superconducting properties of single-crystalline FeTe0.5Se0.5

Pressure-induced enhancement of all of the superconducting state properties is found, which entails a growth of the density ofsuperconducting carriers, and it is observed that the critical current density increases under pressure by at least one order of magnitude.