Pressure distribution at the teat-liner and teat-calf interfaces.

  title={Pressure distribution at the teat-liner and teat-calf interfaces.},
  author={Pieternel van der Tol and Wolfgang Schrader and Ben Aernouts},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={93 1},
During milking, the teat is loaded because of a combination of vacuum and pressure of the collapsing liner. It is assumed that pressure concentrations tend to cause teat-end injuries and hyperkeratosis. The pressure distribution on the bovine teat was measured to test the hypothesis that the pressures of the collapsed liner are unevenly distributed over the teat. With the aid of a pressure-sensitive sensor (approximately 2 gauge points/cm(2)), the pressures at the teat-liner and the teat-calf… CONTINUE READING