Pressure and temperature dependence of cation distribution in Mg-Mn olivine

  title={Pressure and temperature dependence of cation distribution in Mg-Mn olivine},
  author={Tadashi Akamatsu and Kiyoshi Fujino and Mineo Kumazawa and Akio Fujimura and Manabu Kato and H. Sawamoto and Takamitsu Yamanaka},
  journal={Physics and Chemistry of Minerals},
  • Tadashi Akamatsu, Kiyoshi Fujino, +4 authors Takamitsu Yamanaka
  • Published 1988
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and Chemistry of Minerals
  • Synthetic (Mg0.51, Mn0.49)2SiO4 olivine samples are heat-treated at three different pressures; 0, 8 and 12 GPa, all at the same temperature (∼500° C). X-ray structure analyses on these single crystals are made in order to see the pressure effect on cation distribution. The intersite distribution coefficient of Mg and Mn in M1 and M2 sites, KD = (Mn/Mg)M1/(Mn/Mg)M2, of these samples are 0.192 (0 GPa), 0.246 (8 GPa) and 0.281 (12 GPa), indicating cationic disordering with pressure. The small… CONTINUE READING

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