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Pressure-Independent Through-Plane Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Highly Filled Conductive Polymer Composites

  title={Pressure-Independent Through-Plane Electrical Conductivity Measurements of Highly Filled Conductive Polymer Composites},
  author={Thomas Ricco {\O}lholm Larsen and Tom Eklundh Larsen and S{\o}ren Juhl Andreasen and Jesper de Claville Christiansen},
Highly filled conductive polymer composites (CPCs) are widely used in applications such as bipolar plate materials for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and redox flow batteries, electromagnetic interference shielding and sensors due to their useful electrical properties. A common method for determining through-plane electrical conductivities ( σ tp ) of such highly filled CPCs applies a conductive carbon paper between electrodes and sample with application of external pressure to improve… 

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