Presidential Term Limit Contravention: Abolish, Extend, Fail, or Respect?

  title={Presidential Term Limit Contravention: Abolish, Extend, Fail, or Respect?},
  author={Kristin McKie},
  journal={Comparative Political Studies},
  pages={1500 - 1534}
  • Kristin McKie
  • Published 5 March 2019
  • Political Science
  • Comparative Political Studies
Since presidential term limits were (re)adopted by many states during the third wave of democratization, 221 presidents across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia have reached the end of their term(s) in office. Of these, 30% have attempted to contravene term limits, resulting in either full abolition, one-term extensions, or failure. What explains these divergent trajectories? I argue that trends in electoral competition over time best predict term limit outcomes, with… 

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