Presentation Technique of Scent to Avoid Olfactory Adaptation

  title={Presentation Technique of Scent to Avoid Olfactory Adaptation},
  author={Ami Kadowaki and Junta Sato and Yuichi Bannai and Ken-ichi Okada},
  journal={17th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2007)},
Trials on the transmission of olfactory information together with audio/visual information are currently being conducted in the field of multimedia. However, continuous emission of a scent creates problems of human adaptation to the lingering olfactory stimuli. During long movie scenes, viewers can not detect an emitted scent continuously. To overcome this problem we applied pulse ejection to repeatedly emit scent for short periods of time to ensure the olfactory stimuli do not remain in the… CONTINUE READING
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