Presentation, patterns of myocardial damage, and clinical course of viral myocarditis.

  title={Presentation, patterns of myocardial damage, and clinical course of viral myocarditis.},
  author={Heiko Mahrholdt and Anja Wagner and Claudia Christina Deluigi and Eva M Kispert and Stefan Hager and Gabriel Meinhardt and Holger Vogelsberg and Peter Fritz and J{\"u}rgen Dippon and C-Thomas Bock and Karin Klingel and Reinhard Kandolf and Udo P. Sechtem},
  volume={114 15},
BACKGROUND Enteroviruses and adenoviruses have been considered the most common causes of viral myocarditis, but parvovirus B19 (PVB19) and human herpesvirus 6 (HHV6) are increasingly found in endomyocardial biopsy samples. METHODS AND RESULTS Consequently, our aim was to evaluate the prevalence and clinical presentation of cardiac PVB19 and/or HHV6 infection in a cohort of myocarditis patients and to follow its clinical course. In addition, we sought to demonstrate patterns of myocardial… CONTINUE READING
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