Present and future of osteoporosis therapy.

  title={Present and future of osteoporosis therapy.},
  author={E. R. BernsteinJeffrey I. Seeman and Con Tsalamandris and Shona L. Bass and Gillian Pearce},
  volume={17 2 Suppl},
In the 50-year "modern" history of osteoporosis, there have been about 17 antifracture studies with sufficient attention to design to allow inference regarding efficacy. Antivertebral fracture efficacy has been reported with etidronate, estrogen patch, calcitonin, and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D. Two studies using fluoride were positive, and two were negative. Hip fractures have been neglected. One study showed efficacy of hip protectors, one showed efficacy of vitamin D and calcium in nursing home… CONTINUE READING


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