Present ‐ Day Volcanism on Venus : Evidence from Microwave Radiometry

  title={Present ‐ Day Volcanism on Venus : Evidence from Microwave Radiometry},
  author={Nataliya V. Bondarenko and James W. Head and Mikhail A. Ivanov},
[1] We present new evidence for volcanic eruptions and lava flow emplacement on Venus within the last several decades. An integrated study of a radar‐dark lava flow unit in Bereghinia Planitia on Venus (∼28°E, ∼39°N) based on Magellan data obtained in 1993 reveals a significant apparent microwave thermal emission excess, consistent with increased subsurface temperature due to very recent lava flow emplacement. The flow unit occupies the stratigraphically youngest position in the area and in… CONTINUE READING