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Presencia de holothuria (panningothuria) forskali (echinodermata: Holoturoidea) en las Islas Canarias

  title={Presencia de holothuria (panningothuria) forskali (echinodermata: Holoturoidea) en las Islas Canarias},
  author={A. P. Ruzafa and C. Diego and Juan Jos{\'e} Bacallado Ar{\'a}nega},
First records, rediscovery and compilation of deep-sea echinoderms in the middle and lower continental slope of the Mediterranean Sea
This study provides a compilation of all available information on deep-sea echinoderms from the middle and lower slopes of the Mediterranean Sea, with the aim of providing a unified source ofExpand
Taxonomy, distribution and community composition of megabenthic non-crustacean invertebrates in the deep Catalan margin = Taxonomía, distribución y composición de la comunidad de invertebrados no crustáceos del megabentos del Mar Catalán profundo
Invertebrate communities’ composition of western Mediterranean deep sea is mostly centred on crustacean decapods, being other groups of megafauna mostly unknown. For these non-crustaceanExpand
Echinoderms of the Canary Islands, Spain
The work presented here summarizes the studies on echinoderms in the Canary Islands, Spain. The geographical and geological contexts of the islands, as well as oceanographic and generalExpand
New Holothuria species from Australia (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Holothuriidae), with comments on the origin of deep and cool holothuriids
Two aspidochirotid species, new to science, from the continental slope of southern Australia are described and a lectotype for Holothuria (Halodeima) signata Ludwig is designated. Expand