Presence of the molybdenum-cofactor in nitrate reductase-deficient mutant cell lines of Nicotiana tabacum

  title={Presence of the molybdenum-cofactor in nitrate reductase-deficient mutant cell lines of Nicotiana tabacum},
  author={Ralf R. Mendel and Zerekbai A. Alikulov and Nikolai P. Lvov and Andreas M{\"u}ller},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
Nicotiana tabacum mutant cell cultures lacking nitrate reductase activity were assayed for the presence of the molybdenum-cofactor using its ability to restore NADPH-nitrate reductase activity in extracts of Neurospora crassa nit-1 mycelia. The molybdenum-cofactor of the tobacco wild-type line was shown to complement efficiently the N. crassa nit-1 mutant in vitro. The molybdenum-cofactor seems to exist in a bound form, as acid-treatment was required for release of cofactor activity. Molybdate… CONTINUE READING
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