Presence of retina-specific proteins in the lamprey pineal complex.

  title={Presence of retina-specific proteins in the lamprey pineal complex.},
  author={Chuan Hui Kuo and Satoshi Tamotsu and Yusuke Morita and Takao Shinozawa and Masashi Akiyama and Naomasa Miki},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={442 1},
The pineal complex of river lamprey reacted with the antisera raised against retina specific proteins including bovine opsin, chick visinin and frog light-sensitive cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase (PDE). Immunoreactive materials stained with anti-opsin were evenly located at the outer segment of photoreceptor cells in the pineal organ and also found in the parapineal organ. Although anti-visinin stained the pineal and parapineal photoreceptor cells, the immunopositive photoreceptor cells were… CONTINUE READING

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