Presence of pharmaceutically active compounds in Doñana Park (Spain) main watersheds.

  title={Presence of pharmaceutically active compounds in Do{\~n}ana Park (Spain) main watersheds.},
  author={M A Dolores Camacho-Mu{\~n}oz and Juan Luis Santos and Irene Aparicio and Esteban Alonso},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={177 1-3},
Among the emerging environmental contaminants, pharmaceutically active compounds have become a growing public concern because of their potential to cause undesirable ecological and human health effects. Doñana Park (South of Spain) includes a mosaic of unique ecosystems known around the world which is particularly affected by the quality of the incoming flowing water. This study reports the presence of a number of priority pharmaceuticals in wastewater and surface water samples from Doñana… CONTINUE READING

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