Presence of cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide in human blood plasma.

  title={Presence of cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide in human blood plasma.},
  author={Yuta Yamamoto and Etsuo Niki},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={165 3},
An analytical method for quantitating the cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide and ubiquinols-9 and 10 in biological samples, especially plasma, was described. About 3 nM cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide, 20 nM ubiquinol-9, and 620 nM ubiquinol-10 were found in the hexane extract of healthy human plasma. Cholesteryl ester hydroperoxide was identified by its retention time, which was the same as that of standard hydroperoxide, its reduction with triphenylphosphine, and its splitting by cholesterol… CONTINUE READING


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