Presence of ERK2 in rat retinal cells.

  title={Presence of ERK2 in rat retinal cells.},
  author={Junko Imaki and Koji Hamamatsu Yoshida and K. Yamashita and Hidetaka Onodera and Toshiyuki Harada and Yasuhiro Shinmei and Hidehiko Matsuda and Akihiko Yamakawa},
  journal={Current eye research},
  volume={16 9},
PURPOSE Extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 (ERK2) participates in the phosphorylation cascade that is activated in the an early intracellular response to various hormones and growth factors. We examined the expression and distribution of the ERK2 protein and mRNA in the rat retina before and after light exposure. METHODS Rats were held on a 12 hr light/dark cycle and their retinas were removed and examined either just before or 2 or 30 min after light exposure. The tissue was processed… CONTINUE READING