Prescription writing error in general practice: A cross sectional study at tertiary care hospital in Hyderabad, Pakistan

  title={Prescription writing error in general practice: A cross sectional study at tertiary care hospital in Hyderabad, Pakistan},
  author={Raheela Saleem and Abdul Qadeer Dayo and Muhammad Ali Ghoto and Muhammad Akram and Mudassar Iqbal Arain and Abbas Ali},
  journal={IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences},
Prescription is an instruction written by a medical practitioner to pharmacist which contains drug name, dose, frequency, directions for compounding, advices for drug consumption etc. Drug induced morbidity is an important problem in ambulatory care patients and its one of the major factor is prescription error. Therefore, the present study was performed to assess the current prescription writing trend for identifying frequent errors and proposing the ways by which these can be overcome. A… 

Prescribers adherence to the basic principles of prescription order writing in shashemene referral hospital and malka oda district hospital

There was relatively poor adherence of prescribers following the basic principles of prescription order writing in both hospital pharmacies, however, the results of SRH were better than MODH.

A retrospective study of NSAIDs containing medication orders for evaluating prescribing errors in outpatient clinical settings of a metropolitan city

A low compliance to the standards of prescription writing was observed which may cause serious or fatal NSAIDs induced injuries and implementation of electronic prescribing systems, educational programs on prescription writing and proper reviewing of the orders by pharmacists may be valuable to reduce the errors.

Prescription Illegibility and Incompleteness Errors in Benghazi Ophthalmology Clinics: A Comparison of Handwritten and Computerized Prescriptions

Comparing the illegibility and incompleteness rate in handwritten and computerized prescriptions in two ophthalmology clinics in Benghazi found incomple completeness was higher in handwritten prescriptions thanComputerized prescriptions.

Prescription Errors Still a Challenge in Pakistan - A Cross-Sectional Study from Central Punjab, Pakistan

The study results highlighted the imperative need to devise policies that should be regulated and implemented by the healthcare authorities to make prescriptions in line with the prescribed guidelines.



Prescription writing practices in a rural tertiary care hospital in Western Maharashtra, India.

There are widespread errors in prescription writing by the doctors and educational intervention programs and use of computer can substantially contribute in the lowering of such errors.

Errors and omissions in hospital prescriptions: a survey of prescription writing in a hospital

The Intensive Care Section performed best as far as quality of prescription writing was concerned when compared with the Medical and Surgical Sections and values need to be improved by enhancing the safety culture and in particular the awareness of professionals on the consequences that a bad prescription writing can produce.

Prescription Analysis of Pediatric Outpatient Practice in Nagpur City

  • A. PandeySubhash B. ThakreP. Bhatkule
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Indian journal of community medicine : official publication of Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine
  • 2010
The findings of this study highlight the continuing crisis of the irrational drug prescribing in the country with high prescription error rates across prescriber profiles.

Compliance with good practice in prescription writing at outpatient clinics in Saudi Arabia.

A sample of prescription orders received from outpatient departments by a hospital pharmacy in Asir, Saudi Arabia, were analysed over 1 year for the essential elements of prescriptions and the prescriber's handwriting was illegible in 64.3% of prescriptions.

Quality of prescription at a tertiary care pharmacy in Addis Ababa.

Findings indicate that considerable proportion of prescriptions are not properly written in Tikur Anbessa Hospital outpatient pharmacy and immediate action needs to be taken to improve the practice of prescription writing.

[Errors in hospital prescriptions of high-alert medications].

There is a need for standardizing the prescription process and eliminating handwritten prescriptions, and the use of pre-typed or edited prescriptions may reduce errors associated to high-alert medications.

Evaluation of prescription-writing quality in a French university hospital.

This study showed that prescriptions were not written correctly and education has begun on proper prescription practice at a university hospital in France.

Prescription errors in psychiatry – a multi-centre study

The aim was to examine the nature, frequency and potential severity of prescribing errors in UK mental health units in a prospective, 1 week survey of errors detected by pharmacy staff in nine NHS trusts.

Potential prescription patterns and errors in elderly adult patients attending public primary health care centers in Mexico City

A high number of potential prescription errors were found, mainly due to omissions, and the results indicate that prescription quality depends on the number of prescribed drugs per prescription.

Prescription errors in UK critical care units

Although prescription rates (and error rates) in critical care appear higher than elsewhere in hospital, the number of potentially serious errors is similar to other areas of high‐risk practice.