Prescription for experimental determination of the dynamics of a quantum black box

  title={Prescription for experimental determination of the dynamics of a quantum black box},
  author={Isaac L. Chuang and Michael A. Nielsen},
  journal={Journal of Modern Optics},
Abstract We give an explicit way to experimentally determine the evolution operators which completely describe the dynamics of a quantum-mechanical black box: an arbitrary open quantum system. We show necessary and sufficient conditions for this to be possible and illustrate the general theory by considering specifically one-and two-quantum-bit systems. These procedures may be useful in the comparative evaluation of experimental quantum measurement, communication and computation systems. 

Let Each Quantum Bit Choose Its Basis Gates

—Near-term quantum computers are primarily lim- ited by errors in quantum operations (or gates ) between two quantum bits (or qubits ). A physical machine typically provides a set of basis gates that

Identifying genuine quantum teleportation

It is proved that EPR steering empowers genuine quantum teleportations, rather than entanglement, and provides strict criteria for implementing quantum-information processing where genuine quantum teleportation is indispensable.

Three-Qubit Randomized Benchmarking.

This work investigates, for the first time, three-qubit randomized benchmarking (RB) on a quantum device consisting of three fixed-frequency transmon qubits with pairwise microwave-activated interactions (cross-resonance).

qu an tph ] 1 2 D ec 2 01 8 Three Qubit Randomized Benchmarking

As quantum circuits increase in size, it is critical to establish scalable multiqubit fidelity metrics. Here we investigate, for the first time, three-qubit randomized benchmarking (RB) on a quantum

Temporally correlated error tomography and mitigation in quantum computer

In this work, protocols to measure the model of temporally correlated errors and mitigate their effect in quantum computation are proposed and it is shown that the inaccuracy of error model and quantum computation due to temporal correlations can be significantly suppressed.

Efficient rational agents for quantum tomographies and inferences

Iremos desenvolver sobre inferencias corretas e, as vezes, plausiveis ao inferir estados e processos quânticos. Fazer uma inferencia correta pode ser considerado parte de ser um agente racional,

Honest Approximations to Realistic Fault Models and Their Applications to Efficient Simulation of Quantum Error Correction

A method to approximate an arbitrary gate error with an error from the efficiently simulable set in a way that “honestly” represents the original error’s ability to preserve or distort quantum information is described and tested.

Tractable Simulation of Error Correction with Honest Approximations to Realistic Fault Models

Numerical evidence supports the use of the proposed method for leveraging efficient classical simulation algorithms to aid in the analysis of large-scale fault tolerant circuits implemented on hypothetical quantum information processors given a characterization of the underlying physical processes in experimentally accessible examples.

Development of The Fundamental Components of A Superconducting Qubit Quantum Computer

Development of The Fundamental Components of A Superconducting Qubit Quantum Computer

A Quantum Information Science and Technology Roadmap Part 1 : Quantum Computation Report of the Quantum Information Science and Technology Experts Panel

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this document are those of the Technology Experts Panel members and are subject to change. They should not to be taken to indicate in any way an official



Quantum Statistical Properties of Radiation

Dirac Formulation of Quantum Mechanics. Elementary Quantum Systems. Operator Algebra. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field. Interaction of Radiation with Matter. Quantum Theory of

States, effects, and operations : fundamental notions of quantum theory : lectures in mathematical physics at the University of Texas at Austin

States and effects.- Operations.- The first Representation theorem.- Composite systems.- The second representation theorem.- 6 Coexistent effects and observables.- References.

Complete Characterization of a Quantum Process: The Two-Bit Quantum Gate

We show how to fully characterize a quantum process in an open quantum system. We particularize the procedure to the case of a universal two-qubit gate in a quantum computer. We illustrate the method

Theory of quantum error-correcting codes

A general theory of quantum error correction based on encoding states into larger Hilbert spaces subject to known interactions is developed and necessary and sufficient conditions for the perfect recovery of an encoded state after its degradation by an interaction are obtained.

Quantum error correction in the presence of spontaneous emission.

The code proposed in this paper has the ability to correct a special kind of error, due to the conditional time evolution, to all orders, an interesting feature, as one would be interested to correct those errors which frequently occur to higher order than rare errors.

Detection of the density matrix through optical homodyne tomography without filtered back projection.

Quantum dynamics, metastable states, and contractive semigroups.

  • Sudarshan.
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1992
The generalized states of a quantum system obtained by analytic continuation of a dense subset of density operators and their time evolutions are studied. The time evolution of metastable states is

Fundamental limits upon the measurement of state vectors.

  • Jones
  • Physics
    Physical review. A, Atomic, molecular, and optical physics
  • 1994
A fundamental bound upon the measurability of finite-dimensional quantum states is proved using the Shannon information theory and the Bayesian methodology for inverting quantum data.