Preschoolers' imitation of intonation contours.

  title={Preschoolers' imitation of intonation contours.},
  author={Diane Frome Loeb and George Dorroh Allen},
  journal={Journal of speech and hearing research},
  volume={36 1},
This study evaluated normally developing preschoolers' imitation of intonation contours modeled in a sentence elicitation task. Three intonation contours (declarative, interrogative, and monotone) were presented to 3- and 5-year-old children. Acoustic analyses using the Visi-Pitch and Apple IIe computer system, along with perceptual ratings, measured the extent to which preschoolers imitated a modeled intonation contour. The results indicated that, as a group, the children were perceived to… CONTINUE READING


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