Preposition stranding under sluicing: Evidence from Hijazi Arabic

  title={Preposition stranding under sluicing: Evidence from Hijazi Arabic},
  author={Nouf Alaowffi and Bader Alharbi},
  journal={Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies},
Based on data from numerous languages, such as English, Frisian, and Danish, Merchant (2001) proposes the preposition stranding generalization (PSG), which states that only languages that allow preposition stranding under wh-movement also allow preposition stranding under sluicing. The availability of this generalization has been the subject of a number of studies. Two contrasting views have been identified in the literature. The first view confirms the availability of the PSG in a number of… 

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The Preposition Stranding Generalization and Conditions on Sluicing: Evidence from Emirati Arabic

  • T. Leung
  • Linguistics
    Linguistic Inquiry
  • 2014
meetings of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 46, 47) and the Twenty-fifth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics (ALS-25). I would like to thank Fatima Al Eisaei, Mariam Kaabi, and Aamna Shemeili

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