Preparative-scale isoelectric trapping enantiomer separations.


The new Gradiflow BF200 IET unit, developed for isoelectric trapping protein separations has been modified and used to carry out preparative-scale enantiomer separations. Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin was used as the chiral resolving agent to induce an isoelectric point difference between the enantiomers. Three isoelectric membranes with isoelectric points below, in between and above the isoelectric points of the complexed enantiomers were used to trap the separated enantiomers in the anodic and cathodic separation compartments of the Gradiflow BF200 IET apparatus, respectively. The production rates were about 15 times higher than those previously obtained with another isoelectric trapping device and about 30% higher than those obtained in a continuous free-flow electrophoretic device operated in the isoelectric focusing mode. The remarkable separation speed observed in the modified Gradiflow BF200 IET unit is attributed to the favorable interplay of the short electrophoretic transfer distance, the high electric field strength and the large effective surface areas of the isoelectric membranes.

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