Preparation of smooth potassium hexatitanate nanofilms by sol–gel method

  title={Preparation of smooth potassium hexatitanate nanofilms by sol–gel method},
  author={Q. H. Qian and Xiaohang Franklin Zhou and Yuanyuan Hu and Ch. Liu and Xin Feng and Xiaohua Lu},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science},
New nanosmooth potassium hexatitanate films have been prepared on crystalline Si (111) and ITO glass substrates by sol–gel method using Ti(n-OC4H9)4 and CH3COOK as precursors. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) topographic images were analyzed to select the optimal preparation conditions for the films. It is shown that the films consist of flat particles with the ratio of diameter to height around 11. The root mean square (RMS) roughness of the films based on the measurement of an area of 2,000 nm… CONTINUE READING

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