Preparation of malts for production of special beers

  title={Preparation of malts for production of special beers},
  author={Hana K{\'a}belov{\'a}-Ficov{\'a} and Kr{\'a}{\vc}mar Stanislav and Tom{\'a}s Gregor and Miroslav Fi{\vs}era and Ľudmila Nagyov{\'a} and Vlastimil Kub{\'a}ň and Tom{\'a}{\vs} {\vS}op{\'i}k},
The article deals with production of various malts intended for manufacture of special types of beer. The malts were used to brew samples of beer with alcoholic strength ranging between 8 - 12% EPM. The above range of original wort content was chosen due to its suitability for sensory evaluation and properties; in stronger types of beer, (more than 12% EPM), nature of the beverage can be drown by mashy flavour. In the experimental samples, the actual residual extract oscillated between 4.0 - 6… CONTINUE READING

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