Preparation of lyso-GM1 (II3Neu5AcGgOse4-long chain bases) by a one-pot reaction.

  title={Preparation of lyso-GM1 (II3Neu5AcGgOse4-long chain bases) by a one-pot reaction.},
  author={Sandro Sonnino and Domenico Acquotti and G. Kirschner and A Uguaglianza and Luigi Zecca and Francesco Rubino and Guido Tettamanti},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={33 8},
A simple procedure is described for preparing lyso-GM1, a GM1 derivative that lacks the fatty acid moiety, starting from GM1 ganglioside using a one-pot reaction. Ganglioside deacylation was carried out in KOH/propan-1-ol in the absence of oxygen. The yield of lyso-GM1 under optimal conditions (6 h, 90 degrees C, 0.2 N KOH, 1 mM GM1) was 54%. The chemical structure of lyso-GM1 was determined by 1H-NMR and FAB-MS analyses, thus proving that the acetamide groups of galactosamine and sialic acid… CONTINUE READING