Preparation of liposomes from stratum corneum lipids.

  title={Preparation of liposomes from stratum corneum lipids.},
  author={Philip W Wertz and Werner Abraham and Lukas Landmann and Donald T. Downing},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={87 5},
Mammalian stratum corneum contains multiple intercellular lipid bilayers that constitute the epidermal water barrier. Unlike all other biologic membranes, the epidermal lamellae do not contain phospholipids, as a result of which the ability of the stratum corneum lipid mixture to form bilayers has been questioned. In the present study, a lipid mixture containing only epidermal ceramides (40%), cholesterol (25%), palmitic acid (25%), and cholesteryl sulfate (10%), approximating the composition… CONTINUE READING


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