Preparation of high-resolution 238 U α-sources by electrodeposition from various electrolyte solutions

  title={Preparation of high-resolution 238 U α-sources by electrodeposition from various electrolyte solutions},
  author={Viktor Jobb{\'a}gy and M. J. Tutor Crespo and R. Van Ammel and Maria Marouli and Andre Moens and Stefaan Pomm{\'e} and E. Garc{\'i}a-Tora{\~n}o},
− In this paper the source preparation procedure for high-resolution U sources is described. This work was done in a collaboration between CIEMAT and IRMM within the frame of MetroFission, a project of the European Metrology Research Programme, in order to determine the alpha-emission probabilities of U. U was deposited from organic (iso-propanol) and inorganic (H2SO4/(NH4)2SO4, saturated NH4NO3) electrolyte solutions on metal backings. Preliminary results show that the U source quality is… CONTINUE READING
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