Preparation of cyclic ADP-ribose antagonists and caged cyclic ADP-ribose.

  title={Preparation of cyclic ADP-ribose antagonists and caged cyclic ADP-ribose.},
  author={Timothy F. Walseth and Robert T. Aarhus and Mary E. Gurnack and Long Hui. Wong and Hans Breitinger and Kyle R. Gee and Hon Cheung Lee},
  journal={Methods in enzymology},
Publisher Summary Cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR) is a naturally occurring metabolite of NAD + that is capable of mobilizing calcium from intracellular stores in a variety of biological systems. This chapter presents the procedures for the synthesis of three 8-substituted (8-amino-, 8-azido-, and 8-bromo-) analogs and a caged analog of cyclic ADP-ribose. The use of these analogs demonstrates that the occupation of the cADPR receptor site does not necessarily lead to Ca 2+ release; appropriate… CONTINUE READING