Preparation of cardiac extracellular matrix from an intact porcine heart.

  title={Preparation of cardiac extracellular matrix from an intact porcine heart.},
  author={John M Wainwright and Caitlin A. Czajka and Urvi B Patel and Donald O Freytes and Kimimasa Tobita and Thomas W. Gilbert and Stephen F. Badylak},
  journal={Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods},
  volume={16 3},
Whole organ engineering would benefit from a three-dimensional scaffold produced from intact organ-specific extracellular matrix (ECM). The microenvironment and architecture provided by such a scaffold would likely support site-appropriate cell differentiation and spatial organization. The methods to produce such scaffolds from intact organs require customized decellularization protocols. In the present study, intact adult porcine hearts were successfully decellularized in less than 10 h using… CONTINUE READING