Preparation of activated carbons from heavy-oil fly ashes.

  title={Preparation of activated carbons from heavy-oil fly ashes.},
  author={P Caramuscio and Luca De Stefano and Maurizia Seggiani and Sandra Vitolo and Piero Narducci},
  journal={Waste management},
  volume={23 4},
The use of heavy oil fly ash with high ash content (45 wt.%) as a precursor for the preparation of activated carbons has been investigated. The raw fly ash and the fly ash with lower ash content, obtained by a HCl/HF washing treatment, have been pyrolyzed at 900 degrees C and then activated with CO(2) in the temperature range of 800-900 degrees C for different times. The activated carbons have been characterised as regards the surface area and the pore volume. The evolution of the porosity has… CONTINUE READING

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