Preparation of Foaming Material and Removal of Machine Oil from Wastewater


A new kind of foaming material for oil adsorption was prepared by melting blend and mold pressing, with Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) as the matrix and waste dusty slag as the filler. The effects of foaming agent (AC) and waste dusty slag contents on the oil absorbency were studied. The results show that the oil absorbency reached the highest value with waste dusty slag loading 10% and AC loading 4%; the oil absorbency increased with increasing AC loading when waste dusty slag loading 10%. The oil retentions were over 90% with AC loadings from 1 to 4%, but when AC was over 4%, the oil retention decreased deeply. The results indicate that the oil absorbency of non-foaming composite is 101.46% more than that of EPDM (cross linked), the oil absorbency of foaming composite is 389.82% more than that of non-foaming composite.

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