Preparation of D-sorbitol from enzymic hydrolyzates of starch

  title={Preparation of D-sorbitol from enzymic hydrolyzates of starch},
  author={S. G. Verenikina and I. M. Lisnyanskii and A. S. Guseva and Yu. I. Petrov and Vladimir A. Nikiforov and V. V. Zarutskii and E. I. Klabunovskii},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal},
As is known crystalline glucose is used in the manufacture of D-sorbitol. However, a more economic method is the direct hydrogenation of polysaccharides of vegetable origin or their hydrolyzates [1-7]. Such routes reduce the cost of sorbitol manufacture and exclude the series of operations of the preparation of crystalline glucose. Starting from the concept… CONTINUE READING