Preparation of Cationic Starch Ether: A Reaction Efficiency Study *

  title={Preparation of Cationic Starch Ether: A Reaction Efficiency Study *},
  author={Merle E. Carr and Marvin O. Bagby},
Cationic starch ether, important as a papermaking additive, was prepared from native corn starch and 2-chloro-3-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride in aqueous media in a study to ascertain conditions yielding maximum reaction efficiency (RE). Based on the amount of monomer retained after exhaustive washing procedures, RE values of 84–88% were achieved with 0.025–0.05 mole of monomer/mole of starch. Degrees of substitution of up to 0.075 were investigated. A number of variables were studied… 

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