Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes by Using Mesoporous Silica

  title={Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes by Using Mesoporous Silica},
  author={Shinji Kawasaki and Shingo Komiyama and Shigekazu Ohmori and Akifumi Yao and Fujio Okino and Hidekazu Touhara}
Carbon nanotubes were synthesized using several mesoporous silica templates with different pore sizes in order to investigate the possibility of controlling the diameter of carbon nanotubes by changing the pore size of the mesoporous silica. TEM observation confirmed that carbon nanotubes with uniform diameter can be obtained by the present method. However, it was found that it is difficult to prepare carbon nanotubes having diameter smaller than ,-,,20 nm by the present method even if the… CONTINUE READING