Preparation of Carbon Fibres for Aluminium Composites

  title={Preparation of Carbon Fibres for Aluminium Composites},
  author={Rafał Kozera and Jerzy Bieliński and Artur Broda and Anna Boczkowska and Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski},
In this work, the results of studies on the preparation of carbon fibres (Tenax HTA40) for composites with an aluminium alloy matrix are presented. In the first step of preparation, the epoxy sizing was removed to assure adhesion of the Ni-P coating as a barrier to prevent the formation of brittle Al4C3. Removal of the sizing also decreases the risk of gas formation underneath the metal coatings in contact with the liquid metal matrix. Methods of sizing removal included annealing in air (300… CONTINUE READING