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Preparation method of sulfogaiacol

  title={Preparation method of sulfogaiacol},
  author={张春玲 and 蒋成君 and 黄俊 and 谷中鸣 and 韩娟},
The invention discloses a preparation method of sulfogaiacol. The preparation method comprises the following steps: by taking sulfuric acid as a solvent and a sulfonating agent, cooling to -5 DEG C to 10 DEG C; adding o-dimethoxybenzene, then heating and reacting while stirring; adding calcium oxide or calcium carbonate to regulate a pH value of reaction liquor; filtering the reaction liquor to obtain 3,4- dimethoxy calcium benzene sulfonate, adding lewis acid into the 3,4- dimethoxy calcium… 


Aromatic Sulfonation. Part 107. Reactions of the Dihydroxybenzenes and Their Methyl Ethers with Sulfur Trioxide. The Effect of Initial Sulfation on the Sulfonation Product Distribution.
All the nine possible dihydroxybenzenes and their mono- and dimethyl ethers (I), (II), (VII), (X) are sulfurated resp. sulfonated with SO3 in MeNO2.