Preparation method of revaprzan hydrochloride

  title={Preparation method of revaprzan hydrochloride},
  author={宋伟国 and 杨大伟 and 夏艳 and 吕伟香 and 张晓攀 and 徐文方},
The invention provides a preparation method of revaprzan hydrochloride. The method includes: mixing guanidine salt, an alkaline substance and 2-methylacetoacetic acid ethyl ester, performing pyrimidine cyclization, mixing with a halogenated reagent, heating, reacting to obtain a halogenated compound, mixing with 1-methyl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro naphthalene, heating, reacting to obtain a substitution product, finally adding halogenated fluorine benzene and a catalyst after acylation reaction… CONTINUE READING