Preparation and testing of diabetes autoantibody controls.

  title={Preparation and testing of diabetes autoantibody controls.},
  author={Helen Brooking and Michael J. Powell and M Amoroso and Corrado Betterle and Beniamino Pedini and Graziella Coco and Jadwiga Furmaniak and Bernard Rees Smith},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
Stocks of the WHO islet cell antibody, GAD(65) antibody, and IA-2 antibody standard (NIBSC 97/550) are now very limited. We have therefore made and tested a series of control preparations in which human monoclonal autoantibodies to IA-2 and to GAD(65) were diluted in antibody-negative human serum to different concentrations. Three different diabetes autoantibody controls (DAC 1-3) were made as was a negative control preparation. Aliquots containing 1 mL of autoantibodies in serum were freeze… CONTINUE READING