Preparation and study of korglikon suppositories


The selection of the optimal suppository composition and the technological process of their pouring out was carried out according to the Greco-Roman second-order scheme [7], The effect of five factors on the quality of the finished product was studied (Table I): X, -the manner of introducing korglikon into the suppository base (~ -as suspension by triturating the preparation with potassium chloride in a 1:100 ratio; 8 -by trituratlon of the preparation with glucose in a 1:100 ratio; 7 --emulsion type in a solution form with the preparation concentration in dimexide 1:100); Xz -as a surface-active material PAV (l--emulsifler T-2; II -fabrlc-80; III -emulsifier No.l); Xs -temperature of the suppository mass molding (a -41• 2aC;b--51 •176 c -60•176 X~ -as an oil base (A--cocoa 5utter, E--cotton-

DOI: 10.1007/BF00778294

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