Preparation and properties of vertebrate smooth-muscle myofibrils and actomyosin.

  title={Preparation and properties of vertebrate smooth-muscle myofibrils and actomyosin.},
  author={Apolinary Sobieszek and Robert D. Bremel},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={55 1},
A new technique for obtaining a myofibril-like preparation from vertebrate smooth muscle has been developed. An actomyosin can be readily extracted from these myofibrils at low ionic strength and in yields 20 times as high as previously reported. The protein composition of all preparations has been monitored using dodecylsulfate-gel electrophoresis. By this method smooth muscle actomyosin showed primarily only the major proteins, myosin, actin and tropomyosin, while the myofibrils contained… CONTINUE READING


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