Preparation and properties of metallic, superhard rhenium diboride crystals.

  title={Preparation and properties of metallic, superhard rhenium diboride crystals.},
  author={Jonathan B. Levine and Sandy L Nguyen and Haider Imad Rasool and Jeffrey A Wright and Stuart E. Brown and Richard B Kaner},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={130 50},
Single crystals of ReB(2) have been prepared from an aluminum flux under inert gas flow. The crystals are typically 1-3 mm in diameter and 500 microm thick, growing along the [002] direction with a distinct hexagonal morphology. Vickers microhardness and nanoindentation testing indicate that the (002) plane possesses the highest hardness with measured values of 40.5 and 36.4 GPa, respectively. The elastic anisotropy was examined and the indentation moduli of the basal plane and an (hk0) plane… CONTINUE READING


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